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Assisting you in your retirement years!


CBGD encourages you to keep an open mind about your financial planning in retirement.  There are so many available options, then what you are typically shown.  We have found solutions of achieving significant yet predictable accumulation, while mitigating risk.

With over 25 years of experience, we have helped many clients preserve their financial retirement accounts.  Even through the volatile and down-market years.  CBGD is successfully contracted with multiple carriers, so we are able to search numerous financial products to find the optimal solution for your personal situation.   The advantage to this is CBGD is not Captive to only a select few carriers.  With this CBGD will be able to help you find the route to your ideal retirement destination!


Meet Ray


Ray van den Vrijhoef has been in the financial industry for over 25 years!!  He thrives on the interaction & solution solving with potential clients, and he works diligently to understand their goals for retirement. With this understanding, Ray is then able to research and develop strategies, offering his clients options to help them attain their retirement goals.

Ray sees his responsibility as creating sound solutions that will guide each client through their retirement years. By educating the client and involving them in the development of their retirement road map, they become an integral part of the plan for their safety, income, growth and legacy. Client peace of mind is the end result.

On a personal note, Ray has been married since 1993 and has three wonderful adult children. When he is not helping his clients with retirement planning solutions, he loves spending time and traveling with his family and ministering at his local church. He also enjoys golfing, cycling, hiking with his family, and friends.

Retiring soon or have been Retired?
Ask yourself...

  • What are your goals for retirement, and have they been met?

    There may be even better options than what you have been told.  So, allow me to help you choose the Best Route or help you get on a Better Route!!

  • What retirement plan do you currently have in place?

    We can help you enhance, diversify, and optimize your retirement plan.

  • When do you hope to retire, or have you retired?

    Timing is everything!! Allow me to help you avoid the potholes and put you on the Best route for smooth roads ahead.

  • Are you considering your family legacy?

    There are numerous ways of possibly maximizing a Tax-Free inheritance or income!! 

So where are you Headed?

CBGD is able to offer products and solutions that your bank and your broker either don’t know or won’t tell you about.  They are looking to have your Retirement Accounts, under management, which means upfront fees or backend fees or both!! This potentially may cause rough roads ahead.  CBGD will always be looking for the Best Route Solution for you.

This will more than likely mean a combination of products that will make sense of the puzzle of any retirement plan.  We take the time to fully understand your financial situation and what your goals are for YOUR retirement plan.